Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ep. 15 - New Show Name And New Trailers

 As with Anakin Skywalker before us, we’ve shed our old identity to achieve a power no podcast has ever known! Star Wars in Poor Taste is dead. Just like our pal Darth Vader, that name no longer has any meaning for us. We are now and forever more, Talkin’ Tauntauns.

But seriously, our new name better reflects the content of this show and JJ, Jim, and Connor as individuals. Thus, starting next episode the podcast on all fronts will officially be called Talkin’ Tauntauns. We explain it all in today’s show.

There’s also a lot of conversation to be had around our ticket buying experiences for Rise of Skywalker and the film’s final trailer. Not to be left out, The Mandalorian also released its final trailer and man, its amazing. Oh, and some Game of Thrones writers that everyone wants strung up may have said goodbye to Kathleen Kennedy and the Star Wars franchise.

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