Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ep. 4 - Red Sleigh, Standing By

 Note: In the first few episodes the name of the podcast was Star Wars in Poor Taste before we became the ever loving Tauntauns that you know so well. 

Happy Holidays everyone! How better to celebrate this festive season than by subjecting yourself to the Mystery Science Theater episode of the mythical Star Wars Holiday Special? The answer is literally anything. That’s right! Anything would be better. Find out how traumatized our trio was after this screening and afterwards we’ll tell you about the latest Mandalorian news, and what to buy your Star Wars obsessed loved ones this holiday season.

Listen in this week as we discuss the current news like Nick Nolte, Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Kevin Smith, Episode IX, Galaxy of Adventures, John Williams, the Russo Brothers, The Star Wars Holiday Special, Thrawn Treason, Disney+, Doctor Aphra, Marvel Comics, and much, much more!

We also are announcing the results to our first ever contest. Listen in to find out if YOU were a winner. We also have a new contest to announce! What are we giving away this time?

On top of all that we have a lengthy discussion about the much maligned Star Wars Holiday Special. And we top off the episode giving our Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide.

This is an episode you do want to miss!

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