Ep. 120 - Star Wars Celebration: Galactic Critters Big and Small Panel

Here is the second panel that Jim was on at Star Wars Celebration this past May, Galactic Critters Big and Small. It was a lot of fun and there are videos that he and Melissa, the panel moderator, worked on up on YouTube that go along with the panel. Here is the official panel description: 

From the desert of Tatooine to the abyss of Naboo, wildlife is everywhere in Star Wars. Creatures big and small capture our attention and leave us curious to know more. Science writer Melissa Miller (Nerdist, Star Wars Insider) brings together a panel of experts to speculate about everything from dianogas to porgs, womp rats to purgills, the Zillo beast to rathtars. Clips of these wonderful critters will be narrated in the style of a nature documentary and discussed by scientific experts including herpetologist Frank Santana (reptiles and amphibians), ophthalmologist Amit Patel (eye specialist), and paleoecologist Jim Lehane (prehistoric life). Conservation biologist Samantha Wynns will share how to help animals threatened by technology, invasive species, and even galactic war. Bring your questions and the panelists will discuss habits and lifestyles based on what we know about critters here on Earth.

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