Ep. 29 - Interview: Jason Fry's Dorkery

Talkin’ Tauntauns is joined today by prolific Star Wars author Jason Fry. You may recognize him from his fantastic work in a galaxy far, far away, on titles such as the Servants of the Empire series, The Last Jedi novelization, the Galactic Explorer’s Guide, and nearly 50 other Star Wars stories.

Our conversation takes us from Legends to Canon, from RPG’s to short stories, to novels and everything in-between. Jason takes us on his journey from being a fan with a dream, to becoming a member of the team bringing Star Wars to life, and shares how he balances fandom with being in the author’s chair.

There’s also some good news and some bad news: a new Star Wars video game and Celebration has been cancelled. We give you the full breakdown.

Lastly, but most importantly, with everything going on in the world today we felt that we needed to make a statement about our unwavering support for Black Lives Matter. As mentioned in the show here are a couple of links for organizations which could use your contributions to fighting racism and inequality.



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